Squier Jag

Last Updated: April 12, 2019 | Created: April 12, 2019

This was the first bass I got, just over a year ago at L&M as an impulse buy.. The justification was I was going to start a powerviolence band with Nate that would have 2 bass guitars only.. that turned into the short lived sclera [gabe, chris, me, nate]

After a sclera show I ended up losing all/most (?) of my tuning pegs, luckly the owner of local L&M gave me a set of cheapo squier tuners for $7 which I am really grateful for.

The second band I played bass for was another short lived band - semaphore [chris, me, scott, mike]. We didn't end up having much to show, but the idea was a sorta swansy, improv groove based band. Unfortunatly we didn't all get along musically and the direction was steering further and further away from my original vision.

The crack above was from a set sclera and karloff played together in owen sound, this bass survived but the guitar I played for karloff wasn't as lucky :/

This bass was the first of my instruments to go fretless and what started the rampage. These days this has flatwounds on and is used either with a bow or for the more calming things I make.