"karloff guitar 1"

Last Updated: April 12, 2019 | Created: April 11, 2019

I bought this Jay Turser T Style when I moved to Toronto in 2017 from I believe Remenyi House Of Music, only because I wanted a new cheap guitar that I can not care about and the shop was the closest guitar shop to where I lived at the time. I remember the salesman convincing me not to get a case to just "rock it", it was also missing the pickup selector knob which he replied similarly, he was a funny guy. But I left without a case and took it in a plastic bag down to my appartment.

This guitar marked a point of experimentation and aggression on guitar I hadn't had before. It was the first guitar I started truly treating like shit and it did me back the favour with the wounds. Its become a very special guitar to me.

The pictures you see now look very different from how it initially looked, and there's a bit of a story to that. Starting with KWCNS, in the last show I had I was smashing this guitar and kicking it to the point the electronics were coming out, after fixing it playing another show it falling out again I gave up and rewired it to just be bridge pickup to output. After a terrible decision was made with my ex. I forced him to help me sand this guitar down.. what a nightmare.

I recorded the karloff demo with this guitar, I played most every 2018 karloff show with this guitar. In late 2018 I was in on a rampage making my instruments fretless and this was the 3rd - and last for now - to go. Now its the guitar I go to for loops and blusy soloing.. oh how times have changed.

Although not my first guitar, it may be my first real love with an instrument. As for how it actually plays.. its ok, can't say much more than that. I'll try to keep this updated with where this guitar goes next.